The Fifth Infantry Division



World War II





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HRA File No. B0309030000215


"Hear Ye! Know Ye! That T/5 Steve J. Fialkowski is an Iceland Veteran of the 5th Infantry Division, U.S. Army by Virtue of his service in Co. "L" 11th Inf., in Iceland from 18 April 1942 to 10 July 1943. During this period T/5 Fialkowski worked long rigorous and lonely hours in discharging his duties to enable the division to fulfill the mission of guarding the wind-swept North Atlantic Island against German Invasion to keep the important Reykjavik harbor and dockside functioning and moving supplies, and to help build the Air Transport Command's strategic bomber ferry point, Meeks Airfield on the Keflavik Peninsula. Having stood guard in dark and long hours, worked in all kinds of weather from blizzards in mountain passes to 90-mile-per-hour wind gales on the plains, endured endless nights in pyramidal tents and Quonset huts and withal trained for future combat, T/5 Fialkowski has proved himself qualified as an Iceland Veteran. Lt. Col. Birdsong, Commanding, 3rd Bn, 11th Inf."