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Dewey Canyon II & Lam Son 719




Lam Son 719

Foreword by CSM(r) Gary Huber

For those of us who served with the First Brigade, Fifth Mech (Infantry) Division during the early and middle years of the Brigade's time in Quang Tri, the Lam Son 719 operation, Combat After Action Reports (CAAR's) and Order of Battle are unlike anything we saw or participated in. The scale of the operation, measured in combat units, logistical requirements, supporting fires and men are unbelievable for a Brigade size unit. With attachments the First Brigade almost doubled its size and combat power. Indeed, no other US / ARVN operations of the Vietnam War come close to the enemy KIA estimated (by some Military Historians) to be 20,000 during Lam Son 719.

Thank you to Keith Short, who served with 1st Platoon, Company C, First Battalion, Eleventh Infantry Regiment during Lam Son 719, for the Lam Son 719 CAAR, the miscellaneous inclosures, the Quang Tri Province casualty names added to the Significant Events inclosure of the CAAR , and the ARVN Monograph Order of Battle for LS 719. Questions or comments regarding these documents and their sources may be directed to Keith Short, National Historian.

Note to Historians and Researchers - minor changes in formatting of transcribed information for internet display has changed the line count on individual pages of the COMBAT AFTER ACTION REPORT. Every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of each sentence and paragraph of the CAAR. Items enclosed in [brackets] are deviations from the original transcription and are inserted to show corrections in spelling, acronyms, abbreviations, errors in fact or evidence. The Lam Son 719 Order of Battle from the Indochina Monographs Lam Son 719 by Major General Nguyen Duy Hinh, is presented only to provide perspective of the First Brigade's role in the operation and is not part of the 1st Brigade CAAR.


Lam Son 719 Part 1

Lam Son 719 Part 2

Lam Son 719 Part 3

Lam Son 719 Part 4

-1.   Name and Type of Operation
-2.   Dates of Operation
-3.   Location
-4.   Command Headquarters
-5.   Reporting Officer
-6.   Task Organization
-7.   Supporting Forces
-8.   Intelligence
-9.   Mission
-10. Concept of Operation
-11. Execution
-12. Results
-13. Administrative Matters
-14. Special Equipment and Techniques
-15. Commander's Analysis
-Inclosure 1 - Units Available

Inclosure 8. Chronological Listing of Significant Events


-Inclosure 9.   Friendly Equipment Losses
-Inclosure 10. Enemy Equipment Losses
-Inclosure 11. Unit Strengths
-Inclosure 12. Replacements
-Inclosure 13. Friendly Casualties
Note: The map overlay inclosures for enemy disposition and friendly AO boundaries, Inclosures 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, are not included with the Lam Son 719 CAAR on this web site.

-Miscellaneous - Not Part of 5th ID CAAR
-----ARVN Monograph Order of Battle
-----101st Lam Son 719 (excerpt)
-----General Donn A. Starry Critique